Chinese Tea Cermony

We will be having a traditional Tea Ceremony to pay our respects to our elders. We would like to invite all of our guests to observe the Tea Ceremony.

The elders and immediate family members of the Lai and Crays family will partake in the ceremony. Each elder couple will “meet” the bride and groom and drink tea together. The bride will also wear a traditional Chinese dress or “Cheongsam”.

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In a traditional Chinese wedding, the tea ceremony is one of the most significant events. It includes very formal introductions of the bride and groom and shows respect to their families. In a wedding, such an act is to show respect and gratitude to parents for all the years of love and care.

After the drinking of the tea, the following procedure is that gifts for the bride and groom will be presented. Gifts may be in the form of jewelry or red envelopes with money, which are also called ‘lai see’ in Hong Kong.

If you’d like to read more on this ceremony, TeaSenz provides a
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*We will reach out to you directly if you should be in the tea ceremony.